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Война союзников. Фото Маргарет Бурк-Уайт

Оригинал взят у ljwanderer в Война союзников. Маргарет Бурк-Уайт

US 8th Bomber Command B-17 Flying Fortress Bombers Getting Into Formation

M7 Tanks Lined Up for Shipment Overseas at Army Service Forces Assembly Depot at Camp Pickett .

Amer. Army Troops Being Loaded into Lst Landing Craft Which Will Take Them to the Front in Italy

B-17 Bomber Navigators of the 8th Bomber Command at Airdrome in Southern England

B-17 Flying Fortress Crew of 8th Bomber Command Donning Their Flying Gear Upon Arrival by Jeep

B-17 Flying Fortress Takes Off over Germany from US 8th Bomber Command Airdrome in Southern England

Ball Turret Gunner Sgt. James M. Abbott before going on a Bombing Mission

Crewmen Unloading Huge B50 Bomber Plane Engine Used as a Spare from the Belly of a C124 Cargo Plane

Detailed Close Up of Window of a B-36 Bomber Plane parked on Airfield at Sac's Carswell AF Base


Bomb Bay Doors of B36 Bomber, Part of the Strategic Air Command Forces Stationed at Carswell AFB

B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber During Bombing Raid Launched by US 8th Bomber Command from England

After bombardment by Allies
7th April 1945: The Hohenzollern Bridge over the Rhine in Cologne


Ruins of the Hohenzollern Bridge Destroyed by Allied Air Raids


People Salvaging Bricks and Boards from Bomb-Damaged Bldgs. of a Devastated City in the Ruhr Valley


Bombed Out Ruins of Cologne, a Result of Massive Allied Air Raid Attacks

Statue of a Man Horseback Is All That Remains at the Bomb-Damaged Center

Nuns in Bomb Damaged Cathedral After Allied Air Attacks on the Devastated City, Cologne, Germany

German Civilian Couple Threading Through the Destruction from the City's Bombing by Allied Forces

Grotesque Bomb Severed Hand next to German Typewriter in the Rubble of Air Raid by Allied Forces

Burned Corpses of Concentration Camp Prisoners Lay Near Barbed Wire Fence of Number 3 Erla Camp

Buchenwald camp
A Czech doctor (right) prepares to examine a Buchenwald concentration camp inmate while other inmates surround him, awaiting treatment, April 1945.

Buchenwald camp

As German officers and Weimar civilians bear witness, after Buchenwald's liberation, to atrocities committed at the camp, a dummy in striped prisoner garb hangs from a gallows — a gruesome demonstration of one of the many public ways that inmates were murdered at the camp

Naked Bodies piled high of Prisoners Who Died Recently Outside Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Piles of Corpses, German civilians are brought to see the Nazi crimes

Репортаж из журнала LIFE с фотографиями Маргарет

German Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering Sweating, as He is Questioned by 50 Allied War Correspondents

Husband of this Nazi lady was already killed. Hopelessly, she killed her children and later committed suicide.

Leipzig Deputy Mayor Dr. Lisso's Wife and Daughter Lying Dead - Used Cyanide to Commit Suicide

Post WWII German Refugees and Displaced Persons Crowding Every Square Inch of Train Leaving Berlin

Civilans Packing onto Overcrowded Train in Postwar Berlin

Civilans Packing onto Overcrowded Train in Postwar Berlin

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