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Хо-хо, админресурс и в США правит бал. А вдруг продадут налево, а НАЛОГИ ?, низ-зя

Оригинал взят у kosarex в Хо-хо, админресурс и в США правит бал
История незатейлива. В солнечной Калифорнии дома оснастили солнечными панелями, но оказалось, что они слишком мощные. Добро бы владельцам просто отказались платить за избыточную электроэнергию. Нет, их начали штрафовать и заставили отказаться от использования собственной электроэнергии.

The panels are considered too powerful, NBC Los Angeles reports, and were never turned on. A company called Solar City installed 36 panels on the Hall's Lake Elsinore house for free; they would make their money back by filling out rebates through residential energy conservation programs. SoCal Edison, however, would not let the couple activate their system because it exceeded California's standards for residential energy production. "They're saying that the system that I have will generate 128 percent, that's 28 percent over what they estimated," Ron Hall said.

The problem isn't necessarily the fact that the panels would generate wasted electricity, NBC Los Angeles explains. Instead, the state is concerned that homeowners could sell their excess energy. A SoCal Edison representative said that a homeowner who produces excess solar energy is considered a potential energy retailer, and becomes subject to commercial business regulations. Solar City has removed the panels, and said because of a design flaw, they miscalculated how much energy the Halls needed.
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