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фото с http://englishrussia.com/2007/02/12/lenin-as-he-is-today/4/

Оригинал взят у oboguev в afterlife: фотографии мумии Ленина
(за обедом лучше не смотреть)


(via alzheimer)

* * *

The embalmed body of famous revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin has not received a new suit because of the economic crisis that hit Russia this year.

The body of Lenin, on free display in the mausoleum on Red Square, needs to be changed into new clothes every three years, Trud daily newspaper writes on Tuesday, one day ahead of Lenin’s birthday.

Once a year, the mummy is taken for a two-month maintenance. It is cleaned, bathed in preserving herbal essences and its clothes are washed and carefully ironed. With the unique embalming technology, specialists say, the body can be preserved for at least 100 years longer.

However every three years Lenin’s clothes need to be changed. Normally the suit is tailored from lustrine, an expensive silk that Lenin liked to wear while he was still alive. But this year the fund that sponsors Lenin’s wardrobe is out of money, Trud writes.

“There are hardly enough funds for the preservation works,” says Yuri Denisov-Nikolsky, deputy head of the Russian Institute for Healing and Aromatic Herbs.

“Since 1992, the mummy has been sponsored by charity funds alone. And now we've got this crisis,” he explains.


* * *

В среду, в день 85-летия со дня смерти Ленина ... 50 мумий, неся гробы, придут в 12:45 к мавзолею с прошением вынести тело Ленина и захоронить его в достойном месте. Все 50 человек обмотаются с ног до головы (включая лицо) бинтами и будут тащить гробы с именем вождя.

Акция санкционирована, подчеркивают организаторы.

После своей манифестации православные монархисты, не снимая костюмов, присоединятся к шествию коммунистов.

"Костюмы мумий не запрещены российским законодательством, а гробы - это своего рода постмодернистские венки. У коммунистов на венках будет написано имя Ленина и на гробах-венках то же самое имя. Вместо красных флагов - белые бинты мумий", - говорится в сообщении.

* * *

Mummies calling for Lenin burial arrested on Red Square

MOSCOW, January 21 (RIA Novosti) - Riot police on Wednesday detained some 30 people dressed as mummies, who attempted to gather on Moscow's Red Square calling for the burial of Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

"A group of 25 young people, carrying a cardboard coffin, were detained by police officers," a police source said, adding that the detainees were taken to a police station for questioning.

Some 50 young people wrapped from head to toe in white bandages and carrying coffins with Lenin's name were due to join a procession of thousands of communists who will lay wreaths at the mausoleum on Red Square.

"There will be no crowd standing and chanting slogans... The mummies will join the procession of communists," a member of the yet-unregistered organization ... said, promising that "the mummies will be quiet, just the way mummies should be."

The spokesman said the protestors had been detained on the grounds that the rally had not been sanctioned by Moscow authorities.

"Mummy costumes are not banned from being worn in public places, and anyone who does not disrupt public order can join the rally of communists," a spokesman for the group said.




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